Focus Point:
your Christchurch commercial photographer

A picture tells 1000 words. A Focus Point photo tells even more.

Specialising in commercial photography, including product, portrait and food & drink photography, let us show you how powerful high-quality images can be.

Combining artistic vision with technical expertise, we capture stunning, authentic imagery that grabs the attention of your audience. Photography is the art of storytelling, which we do with consistent and uncompromising quality.


Photography is a dance
of colour and light.

We are experts at commercial photography, shaping objects, eliciting emotion, and bringing inanimate products to life. We play with position, shadows and silhouettes to put your products, and your Christchurch brand, in the best possible light.

Focus Point


Develop deeper connections
through quality imagery.

We work to capture your brand in every photo we take. Our Christchurch commercial photography results in powerful imagery that builds trust, helps your audience connect with you, and drives you toward your goals.

To better capture you,
we first get to know you.

In order to better tell your story, we put effort into getting to know your brand and personality. We involve you in creative decisions and work to ensure that your photography shoot meets every aim and objective you’ve set out to achieve.

Accredited with New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP), you can trust us to not only deliver quality photography, but a quality experience too.

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