Our process.

As your local, expert food photographer in Christchurch, at Focus Point Photo we bring a simple, proven approach to capturing visually stunning and highly effective food and drink imagery:


We begin by discussing your requirements and providing a quote. We then work with you to lay out a solid brief and shooting schedule, including a detailed list of images. We take lighting test shots to ensure we’ve understood your needs and wants, then identify the props we need, such as glasses, crockery and garnishes.


Shooting can be a busy day, but we’ll ensure it runs smoothly. Freshness is critical in food photography—it always looks best when it’s just been cooked—so we photograph the food in the chef’s preferred order.


Images captured, we then enhance them. We remove blemishes and balance colour, lighting and contrast to make your photos look good enough to eat or drink! Post-production complete, we deliver your hi-res photos via secure online storage.


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Food and drink offers a sensory experience that extends beyond taste and smell—sight has a role to play too. As a renowned Christchurch food photographer, we aim to capture desire. We want the audience to imagine themselves seated at the table, immersed in the deliciousness you’ve created.

Our difference.

If you’re in the food and drink business, photography will play a critical part in capturing the attention of your audience and enticing them to try your wares. Expertly taken imagery can also serve as an instructional, showing your audience how to use or consume your products, or as a means to help customers connect with your brand.

At Focus Point Photo we’re a Christchurch food photographer who can capture the deliciousness of your food in images of the highest quality. We are creative and professional. We also pride ourselves on our customer relationships; we’ll be your trusted partner at every stage of the process.

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